In Loving Memory of TJ Schrimsher

May 10, 1986-September 14, 2007

Written by: Justine Schrimsher, May 16, 2008


I Must Let Go

Time has gone by,
Life seems so surreal.
Did you pass on?
How can I feel?
I pray to work through,
this burden of grief.
When will I heal?
Will I feel some relief?

Your short life was precious.
I miss you my son.
How did this happen?
What could have been done?

I look at the photos,
longing to hold you again.
Where did the baby go?
When did childhood end?

I can’t bear to lose you,
but He needed you now.
Will He help me through this?
Can He guide me somehow?

Your purpose is There,
in Heaven above.
Must I share you forever?
Can I do it for love?

My days will get better,
learning to live with the pain.
What are the lessons?
Is there knowledge to gain?

As I ask all the questions,
I truly do know.
You Rest in Peace.
And I Must Let Go

© by Justine Schrimsher

Schrimsher family photo -November 2006-TJ is on the right