“I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.” ~Mother Teresa

Justine was raised and educated in Northern California. She graduated from the University of California, Davis with a BA in Sociology. She and her husband Tim, moved to Scottsdale, Arizona with their 3 week old daughter Sheena, in 1984. Two sons followed; TJ and Patrick. Justine stayed home with her children for 12 years until they all began attending school. She joined the corporate world in the areas of Administration, Human Resources and Accounting. Throughout the years she and her husband volunteered in the classrooms, were members of the PTO, and coached youth sports in their community. She received her certification in Hypnotherapy in 2002 and another certification for Life Coaching in 2009.

Justine and TJ Graduation
Justine and TJ Graduation

While Justine considers her life to be full of blessings, it has also been peppered with challenges. Most of her challenges have revolved around death. Family deaths. Her father took his own life when she was only 13. In the years that followed, she and her husband lost dear friends, some relatives, and beloved grandparents. Her daughter’s best friend passed away in 2006, then one of TJ’s best friends passed in February of 2007. She watched her two brave children speak at funerals at the young age of 21. After feeling as if they had experienced enough death in one lifetime, Justine and her family faced their biggest challenge. Her son TJ passed away on September 14, 2007. He was 21.

Moving forward was the goal

Due to this tragedy, for Justine and her family, a new journey began. After seeking grief therapy, and returning to work in the corporate world, Justine knew that something was missing … but what next? She knew that one never “gets over” the loss of a child, but believed moving forward was the goal. It was then that she was given the message to return to school to become a Life Coach. She followed this guidance and her Life Coaching practice, Heart and Soul Healing, was established in 2009.

Armed with her education and life experiences, Justine specializes in Bereavement Coaching, Coaching Friends and Family of the Grieving, Wellness Coaching, Career Coaching, as well as Coaching around Change. She is successfully helping her clients focus on Moving Forward in Life.